We are proud to have a new Neighbourhood Support Group in the South Kaipara Area and we will strive to ensure we remain active and effective in our region as a voice for the people within our community where we will relay our concerns to our authorities in the hope that we will have a positive effect in reducing crime and keeping each other safe.

Our Neighbourhood Support Coordinator will be kept constantly updated on crime trends and safety information through our Community Alerts, and is responsible for insuring the members are receiving the information.

Neighbourhood Support is all about knowing who your neighbours are and being there for them in times of need.  It is also about knowing how to contact them should you need help or advice.

Neighbourhood Support is also linked to Civil Defence.  The neighbourhood Support network is used as a phone tree in the case of a Civil Defence emergency, such as adverse weather warnings, tsunami alerts etc. We receive Civil Defence warnings, both via email and text messages which will be forwarded to members.  Your District Coordinator also advises all members of incidents of local crime as she receives them from either members or the Neighborhood Support Network.

If you see anything suspicious or become a victim of a crime yourself, during the daytime, phone your local Helensville Police Station 09 420-8967. Request an incident report number of ease of follow-up.

If you consider the situation to be serious and needs immediate attention, DIAL 111.
This includes seeing an intruder on your property.


Join as an individual household or start a Neighbourhood Support Group for Your Street!  Get familiar with your neighbors and help keep your street safe as a team.  For more information about Neighbourhood Support in the South Kaipara District, contact the South Kaipara Neighbourhood Support Coordinator on 0800 9420111.



We come under the District of Waitemata.  Rodney Neighbourhood Support is within the Waitemata District.
We are a branch of Neighbourhood Support within the Rodney District and represent the area in Red.

our district

Our district of South Kaipara also has a community patrol.  SKCP’s patrol volunteers are policing areas within our District and are always looking for volunteers to help with their patrols.  If you would like to join the community Patrol you can fill in an online form here.

There is a policeman on call 24hours a day for your area.  Your report could help with the investigation into any other crimes that might have been committed in the area.  Remember, at no time should you put yourself at risk.

We want South Kaipara to be a crime-free area. Its about Keeping safe and keeping in touch!

Helping to make our community a happier and safer place